How window cleaners can ensure health and safety

By Brad Staines

Health & Safety - so important for our window cleaners

When you spend your days going up and down 30-storey buildings in London (cleaning windows, not just for fun!), then health and safety is key. Just like anyone who works at height, window cleaners and project managers need to be properly protected at all times while onsite. Here are just a few ways that window cleaners can ensure health and safety.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Commercial window cleaners should be equipped with the right PPE before entering a site and beginning a clean. This includes a hard hat, eyewear, fall arrest equipment and a hi-vis jacket. As well as protecting them from any risk of falling, this PPE makes sure that they can be seen at all times (so that they are safe from heavy machinery or vehicles) and that they are less likely to be hurt from any construction debris. This PPE must be thoroughly checked before every clean – something that Aquamark Cleaning is now qualified to do in-house.

Adhere to regulations

Window cleaners must ensure health and safety by complying with official guidelines, such as The Work at Height Regulations 2005 and The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. These regulations provide guidance on the standards that are required in order to properly meet the requirements, so they are an essential starting point for all window cleaners.

Always have supervision

No commercial cleaning project should be carried out by just one technician – there should always be a member of staff onsite to supervise the clean. As well as ensuring the safety of the cleaner in action (e.g. being able to call the emergency services if there is an accident), supervision ensures that a company’s health and safety standards are always being applied.

Provide thorough training

All window cleaners should undergo in-depth health and safety training before they are able to get involved in a clean. This should include training on how to use the safety equipment and PPE that they will be responsible for onsite. It should also ensure that window cleaners are fully aware of the risks that are posed by different kinds of sites, and how these can be mitigated. Every team member should receive a copy of the company’s health and safety policy and manual to study, so that they know exactly what is expected of them on a clean.

Here at Aquamark Cleaning, our team’s health and safety (and that of our clients) is our number one priority. To find out more about our health and safety policy, or to book a clean for your commercial property in London, Surrey or Berkshire, please contact us today.

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