Why Should You Do A Post-Construction Building Clean With Aquamark?

By Brad Staines

Construction can create a lot of headaches, from the inconvenience to the costs involved. However, one of the most frustrating is often the mess that is left behind after a construction project. Clean up is rarely part of the paid for process for a construction team and this, all too often, falls to the staff of a business who should be adding value elsewhere. If you’re planning a construction project, or you’ve just completed one, it’s worth giving some thought to why you should do a post-construction clean.


Fast And efficient Post Construction Clean

If you’ve already been dealing with a period of construction then disruption has probably been a big part of that. A professional post-construction clean can be completed swiftly and efficiently, minimising the extra disruption that you have to deal with and ensuring that normality can resume as quickly as possible.


Ensuring A Safe Completion

There may be health risks in handling post-construction cleaning, which is why it’s always best dealt with by the professionals. From toxic dust to nails and equipment there are many ways in which your staff could get injured if they are expected to take this on. This could lead to lawsuits and time off work – all of which can be avoided by using a professional team.


The Professionals Are More Effective

The mess that a construction project leaves behind is not always that obvious, some of it may be hidden. If you want to ensure that your post-construction clean is 100% effective then it’s essential to employ the professionals.


Allowing Staff To Return To Their Real Jobs

In any business, requiring staff to handle a post-construction clean when their actual role is IT or development isn’t going to go down well. Working with a professional team frees up your employees to do their actual jobs and helps to avoid potential resentments building.


Less Up Front Investment

Cleaning professionals will bring their own tools, supplies and equipment so there is no need to pay for anything other than the cleaning fee. From the time that is involved in the clean to the supplies that are required you may even save money by working with the professionals instead.


Avoiding Potential Damage

A post-construction clean can involve dealing with a lot of industrial rubbish and waste that could damage your building and interiors if not properly handled.


By The Book

Depending on the construction project there may be waste that requires specific disposal in accordance with local regulations. A professional team will be able to provide advice on what needs to happen to ensure your business is compliant and then to make sure that this is carried out by the book.


A Professional Finish

From understanding how to use specific cleaning products to get the best from them to avoiding accidents with chemical cleaners etc, a professional cleaning team provides peace of mind. You’ll also get a much higher standard of finish than from handling the clean in-house.

A post-construction clean is an important part of the process of ensuring that a construction project has been properly finished off and that the building is safe and ready to use.

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