Why Is Winter So Important For Window Cleaning?

By Brad Staines

Now that winter is definitely here many people assume that commercial window cleaning needs are no longer important. Clean windows are less crucial when the sun is weaker and most window cleaners won’t work when the summer ends anyway – right?

This is actually a false assumption as a professional window cleaning service is able to work all year round and makes a valuable contribution to the look and feel of the building, whatever the time of year.


Why Clean Your Windows In Winter?

  • To maintain an aesthetic. Dirty windows are dirty windows, whether it’s deepest darkest January or sunny June. If you want to impress clients, attract passing trade or use your building to help support a positive reputation then glass surfaces need to be regularly cleaned.
  • For wellness and staff engagement. Darkness and grime can interfere with the amount of sunshine that penetrates through windows. In the winter months it’s even more important to ensure that as much sunshine makes it into interiors as possible so getting windows regularly cleaned is key. Sunny spaces are pleasant to occupy and staff are likely to be more motivated the more comfortable they are.
  • For window longevity. A build-up of environmental pollutants, dirt or grime can affect glass and window mechanisms, increasing the required frequency of maintenance and replacement. Investing in winter window cleaning will ensure that this doesn’t happen and can bring operational costs down as a result.


Winter Conditions And Commercial Window Cleaning

There are not many types of weather that will prevent a window clean from taking place. In a country like the UK, where the winter can be unpredictable, a professional firm will have contingencies in place so that a high-quality service can be delivered whatever the conditions.

  • Window cleaning can still take place when it’s raining and maybe even more necessary during months when we are more prone to high rainfall. As rain falls vertically, it cannot be relied upon to provide a thorough clean for your windows as an alternative to a professional service. In fact, if windows have not been cleaned regularly, rainfall can be problematic, as it will cause limescale and dirt to wash down from the frames, leaving spotting and streaking on the glass itself.
  • Very high winds aren’t that common in the UK in winter but they do happen. An experienced and professional window cleaning team, such as Aquamark, will be able to continue to work in windy conditions – up to the point at which this may affect health and safety or quality of work. You can always rely on us to make the right decisions about whether conditions are acceptable to safely achieve the best clean.
  • Freezing temperatures may mean that a window clean, which uses water, is not the best idea simply because the end result may not be up to regular standards. If that’s the case then it’s easy for the cleaning to be rescheduled for another time.

There are very few conditions, even in winter, when window cleaning can’t be carried out safely and thoroughly. Working with a professional team is essential to ensure you get the best results.

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