The Benefits of Regular Window Cleaning For Office Buildings

By Brad Staines

How much does the state of your windows really affect the business? On a scale of 1 – 10, 1 being not much, the answer is a definite 10. Building windows are one of those architectural components that contribute a lot, both to the outside aesthetics and to the internal environment too. Ensuring that you have a regular schedule of cleaning in place means that you’ll get the benefits of windows that are being properly looked after.

Nurture Your Business Reputation

First impressions really count in business and there is probably no first impression more striking than that which is made when someone approaches your business for the first time. Whether that’s a client coming for a meeting or a pitch, or an employee who is being interviewed, a part of the perception of the business that they walk away with will come from the building aesthetic.


A well maintained property that has clean windows will help to shore up a reputation for being aware of the importance of taking care of details. It will show that the business takes pride in every aspect of how it comes across.

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Positive Business Culture

Happy employees who feel valued by an employer will naturally be more productive. The environment in which your staff work will have a big impact on how much they feel that you care about their experience of your business. Clean windows ensure that sunlight is able to filter through into work-spaces and communicate to staff that they are working for an organisation that cares about the conditions it creates for its workforce.


Dirty windows, on the other hand, are a clear sign of a lack of care and may worry staff in terms of how well the business is doing. If you’re keen to ensure that you’re creating a positive business culture then clean office windows may have a key role to play in that.


A Healthier Environment in Which to Work

Clean windows not only have an effect on employee mental health but on physical health too. The availability of natural sunlight in a space where people are spending a significant part of their day can impact everything, from depression rates through to immune defence. Natural light can only filter through clean windows.


Regular window cleaning will ensure that your building doesn’t end up with a build up of damaging dust or pollen around the window areas. It can also help to ensure that any issues affecting the windows are promptly dealt with and don’t become ongoing problems that can impact human health, such as damp. If creating a positive and healthy environment for employees to work in is important to you then, regular window cleaning should be on your list.



These are just some of the reasons why it’s worth investing in regular cleaning for your office windows. From the way clean windows contribute to a positive working atmosphere, to the health benefits they entail, the end result is happier, healthier and more productive staff and a stronger workforce for your business.


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