Commercial Window Cleaning: What Is Cradle Cleaning?

By Brad Staines

This post marks the first in a series of commercial window cleaning services in the spotlight. So today, Aquamark is exploring cradle cleaning, along with its features, benefits, and the types of building it’s perfect for!

What Is Cradle Window Cleaning? -  For Commercial Properties

On buildings where it’s possible to affix pulleys, cradle cleaning is often the right way to go.

A cradle is suspended by high-strength cables, and then it descends the façade of the building in question. Professional operatives within the cradle can then carry out a first-rate clean on the windows of the property.

What Are The Benefits Of Cradle Cleaning For High Rise Buildings

Cradle cleaning can be a quicker solution to abseil access, as cleaning professionals can take heavier buckets of water up with them. This means there is less interruption, as the technicians don’t have to keep stopping for freshwater. The cradle operatives also don’t need to worry about rigging or de-rigging.

What’s more, there are no height restrictions when it comes to cradle cleaning. This means it’s a flexible option for an array of high-rise buildings.

Cradle cleaning is also a safe commercial window cleaning option. This gives customers the peace of mind to know that the job is being competently carried out by whomever they’ve appointed.

Cradle Cleaning: In The Know…

  • A cradle is also referred to as a BMU. That stands for a “building maintenance unit”.
  • Cradle cleaning is ideal for tall buildings, tower blocks, and sports grounds alike!

Interested In Cradle Cleaning? Get In Touch With Aquamark!

Aquamark is pleased to offer its clients cradle cleaning as a part of its comprehensive window cleaning service. So if you think cradle cleaning could be right for a property you own or manage, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can ring us on 020 8401 2375 or fill in your details on our contact form.

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