Using a problem-solving approach to window cleaning

By Brad Staines

Every building today integrates windows and these need to be maintained to a high standard, not just for aesthetic purposes but for wellness and health and safety too. Many modern constructions are made up of huge swathes of glass exteriors but may be awkwardly located or have architecture that looks like it will make it difficult to keep these surfaces clean. Thanks to the technology and methods that are now available for window cleaning, there are many different options for ensuring that a building exterior remains in great shape. At Aquamark we use a problem-solving approach to window cleaning to ensure that we get the same fantastic results with all of the buildings we work with.

Why is window cleaning so essential?

No matter what the building, or who is inside it, a regular schedule of window cleaning is key. Window cleanliness can have an impact on everything, from the image that is projected to those walking past the building, to the productivity levels of anyone working inside. Even where a construction appears to be particularly challenging to work with there is always a way to ensure that window cleaning is done effectively, when you take a problem-solving approach.

A problem-solving approach

Some buildings present a serious challenge when it comes to window cleaning so a problem-solving approach is always essential.

  • How will window cleaners be best able to access the essential part of the building? This may mean working with different technology and equipment, as well as a range of skilled operatives.
  • What’s the most efficient way to ensure that window cleaning is carried out safely and effectively? Different sites present different challenges in terms of factors such as access and the best way to achieve a great result.
  • What specific challenges does a particular site present? There are many complex pieces of architecture being constructed, particularly in locations such as London. For example, Embassy Gardens on the New Union Square Estate in Vauxhall has a challenging monorail system to work around. A problem-solving approach necessarily involves looking at the individual characteristics of a site and adapting cleaning approach accordingly.
  • What are the risks? It’s essential to go to the site where cleaning is required, assess the risks involved and form a strategy for safe cleaning.

The best team and the right equipment

Each window cleaning job may require a different operative and set of equipment. One of the most effective options for even the most challenging structure is abseil window cleaning. At Aquamark we are lucky enough to have a number of Level 3 rope technicians on our team – the highest qualified professionals under schemes such as IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association). This level of skill within the business means we’re able to tackle even the most unusual of cleaning sites.

No matter how challenging or complex a site may be, we’ve found at Aquamark that a problem-solving approach from our specialist and highly skilled team enables us to find the right window cleaning solution every time.

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