The Benefits Of Abseil For Commercial Window Cleaning

By Brad Staines

Construction today uses a lot of glass. There are many advantages to this, from increasing the amount of natural light available to those inside to the aesthetic appeal. However, it also requires a commitment to keeping the glass clean and this can present challenges, in particular where the building itself is unusually constructed (e.g. a domed glass roof).

Abseil window cleaning is often an ideal solution to commercial window cleaning – flexible and fast it’s an effective way to ensure that windows are clean no matter where they are located.


What Is Abseil Window Cleaning?

Skilled professionals use industrial-strength ropes to descend down the outside of the building, cleaning as they go. Abseil window cleaning was developed as a simple and effective way to clean building facades and windows, no matter how challenging the design.

It’s a more versatile alternative to other commercial window cleaning methods that require more equipment and can be used for most buildings, even those that are high rise.

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The Benefits Of Commercial Abseil Window Cleaning

A Well Trained And Experienced Team Of Specialists

You can be confident that the end results will look exceptional and that the work will be carried out professionally and taking into account any potential health and safety issues, with the correct training standards in place. The Aquamark team are Industrial Rope Access Trade Association trained, for example.


Ideal For Buildings That Are Difficult To Clean With Equipment

For example, abseil window cleaning is a viable alternative if there is no level ground to support cherry pickers and the building does not have anywhere that cradle pulleys could be attached to.


Swift And Efficient Service And Great Results

Abseil window cleaning is one of the most efficient ways to ensure a high standard of window cleaning without the delays of using, or setting up, equipment.


Avoiding Disruption

As there is no ground-based equipment involved there is no disruption to the use of the building, for example from equipment blocking access.


A Safe Option Even For Hard To Reach Areas

Abseil window cleaning is effective even where construction presents a unique set of challenges. It can be used where access is potentially awkward and will achieve the same exceptional results regardless of how difficult windows or surfaces are to reach.


No Height Restrictions

Due to the way that abseil window cleaners operate – dropping down the outside of the building – there are no height restrictions on this method of commercial window cleaning. This makes it ideal for any building, whether a high rise or not.


Health And Safety Focus

Due to the heights involved, extensive measures are put in place to ensure that abseil window cleaning can be completed safely, as well as efficiently. This includes a survey and risk assessment of the site to identify any challenges and ensure that the work can be carried out safely.

Abseil window cleaning is a simple and effective solution to window cleaning requirements for a range of commercial sites, no matter what the shape or design of the building construction. At Aquamark we are specialists in this cleaning method – contact us to find out more.

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About Aquamark

Aquamark recognises the diversity of issues that come with managing large residential and commercial properties. That’s why they’ve designed a unique approach to commercial window and glass cleaning that creates valuable customer experiences for all.

With their unique In-Touch Live Status Checker, you are kept updated with what has already been cleaned, what is currently being cleaned and what’s still left to clean, in just a few clicks.

This gives you full transparency-allowing you to focus on work priorities, whilst they focus on implementing the most effective window cleaning programme for the building.

They are not only recognised as a highly credible commercial window cleaning company in London but nationwide across the UK. This is down to their extended commercial window cleaning offering which includes: abseiling window cleaningcradle window cleaning, water-fed pole window cleaning, cherry pickerconstruction cleans, building cleans and commercial gutter cleans.

When you’re looking at renewing your contract for window cleaning for a reliable, high-quality clean with professional window cleaners, or you want to explore which solution is most suited to the building you manage, contact the team at Aquamark.

You can book your slot for a free site assessment here, or if you’d prefer to chat, pick a time that best suits you.

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