The beginners’ guide to solar panel cleaning

By Brad Staines

In 2018 there were 709,000 installations of solar panels in the UK and it’s believed that 10 million homes will be equipped by 2020. Although the UK may not seem like the most obvious choice for widespread solar panel installation it actually ranks fourth in terms of photovoltaic systems installed – even above the suntrap that is Spain. Given the rising popularity of solar panels on homes and businesses in the UK, the issue of keeping them clean is becoming increasingly important. So, how do you care for solar panels to ensure that they look, and function, perfectly?

When do you need to clean solar panels?

Photovoltaic systems are designed to require minimal cleaning and maintenance while delivering the maximum possible energy return. So, if you have invested in solar panels for your home or business this doesn’t come with an onerous cleaning burden. For most people, solar panels can be cleaned every three years.

Thanks to the weather conditions in the UK most solar panels are effectively self-cleaning so you shouldn’t need to do much outside of this. However, there are a few situations in which you may want to think about more frequent cleaning, including:

  • If your building is situated somewhere very dusty or dry
  • You notice that your solar panels have become a target for birds and their droppings
  • Where the solar panels have a low tilt angle. For example, if they are tilted at less than five degrees rainwater won’t wash off dust and dirt and may leave a residue behind that needs to be manually removed

How are solar panels cleaned?

It depends on the positioning of the panels. If your photovoltaic system is on the ground then there is no reason why you shouldn’t carry out the cleaning yourself. All you’ll need to do this is some basic equipment, including a soft brush, plenty of water, a cloth covered sponge and a squeegee with a plastic blade on one side.

However, for most people the panels are usually positioned on the roof, which usually means that it’s a good idea to call in a professional cleaning team with experience of working with solar panels. There are a number of benefits to employing a professional cleaning company to handle your solar panels cleaning, including:


Experienced professionals will be able to complete the job much more quickly .

Health and safety

If the solar panels are on the roof it may be essential to employ specialists who are used to working at heights.

High quality standards

Working with the professionals will provide the peace of mind of knowing that your solar panels will be cleaned to the highest standards.

A better finish

You are always much more likely to get a better aesthetic finish with a professional cleaning team.

Like any equipment, solar panels will function optimally if they are properly cared for. The aesthetic appeal of clean panels is also a great way to draw attention to the investment that you’ve made in a greener future.

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