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When Is Cherry Picker Window Cleaning The Best Option?

Jun 10, 2019 1:26:25 PM / by Brad Staines posted in Cherry Picker


You may have seen professional cleaners working with cherry picker equipment, often to gain access to the outside of tall buildings.

Cherry pickers are known for their versatility and for supporting professional cleaning teams looking to attain a high standard of finish. But when do you know whether cherry picker window cleaning is the best option?

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What Type of Business Properties Require a Cherry Picker Window Cleaning System?

Jul 19, 2018 7:50:23 AM / by Brad Staines posted in Cherry Picker


There are multiple methods of cleaning a commercial building, depending on the type of work being undertaken (such as the cleaning of windows, gutters or a façade), as well as the size and location of the property. Some of the most important factors which decide on the most appropriate technique include how to keep commercial cleaners safe and gain easy access to the building.

One of the most popular methods selected is cherry picker cleaning which involves a railed, elevated platform being raised and lowered by a mechanical arm. This has the benefit of being easily manoeuvred by the user with controls in the mobile basket, helping them to reach the appropriate parts of the building to clean. There are also controls in the base unit of the cherry picker if required.

But which business properties are cherry picker window cleaning systems most suitable for?

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The Benefits of Using Cherry Pickers for Commercial Window Cleaning

Jul 10, 2013 11:18:51 PM / by Brad Staines posted in Cherry Picker


Aquamark believes that for every kind of building there is a suitable method for cleaning its windows. Whether a window is situated high up or in an awkward position there is always a way to clean it.

For very tall buildings with windows at height and where access is not available from inside the building, Aquamark has a range of options for cleaning windows safely and effectively. Cherry pickers are one such solution for commercial window cleaning.

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