Cleaning Windows and Building Façades Professionally

By Brad Staines

We clean the office facades across London

On the face of it, it’s very easy to become a window cleaning. You just rock up to someone’s house with a ladder, a sponge and a bucket of water. And for many British homes, this approach is perfectly suitable. But cleaning a commercial premises is an entirely different scenario, and it presents unique challenges that window cleaners have to overcome.

Here are some of the techniques our cleaners use, as well as advice on the equipment you should expect to see on site.

Professional Window Cleaning

Business premises have two main characteristics that makes window cleaning more demanding. Firstly, they have more windows. And second, they tend to be much taller than domestic homes.

Every building is different, which is why it’s so important that we visit to conduct a survey. We have a range of tools at our disposal to cover large amounts of windows in a small space of time, while also reaching high floors and tricky, inaccessible places.

Water-fed poles are a key tool in our arsenal, and we’ll use these for many office buildings where we need a good, thorough clean at height. These poles offer pure water cleaning using soft brushes, so there’s no damage to the windows, and no harmful chemicals running down the walls.

Water-fed poles are environmentally friendly, too, since we aren’t causing detergent to flow into the drains. We can use similar techniques to clean items like solar panels without scratching or damaging the delicate coating.

Washing Façades and Pavements

Once your windows are clean, you’ll also need to survey the rest of the property. Sparkling windows can be let down by a grubby façade, and having clean signage and pavements is key to creating a good first impression.

For the vast majority of façades, pavements and signage, we use jet wash equipment. This allows us to blast away dirt very quickly, so we can cover very large areas in a very short time. This makes the job cheaper for you, and it ensures minimal disruption to your employees.

When power washing is carried out by skilled employees, it’s a very safe, rapid and eco-friendly cleaning technique. We can combine this with abseil window cleaning or cherry picker cleaning, so we can actually jet-wash at heights for a flawless finish.

Choosing the Right Partner

Aquamark Window Cleaning offers professional and highly specialised window cleaning services. While we focus on the London area, many of our services are available throughout the UK, including our abseil surveys.

Having a smart and presentable premises is key to attracting the right clientele, and the cleanliness of your windows and façade will ensure that you make the right impression. No matter what the weather, or the time of year, our cleaning services will ensure that your building stays sparkling clean.

No matter what the size of your building, our team can help. Get in touch today for a chat about your requirements, and we’ll formulate a completely custom quote.

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