What PPE Should Commercial Window Cleaners Wear?

By Brad Staines


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Commercial window cleaners can reach heights of 30 storeys or higher on a daily basis, so the personal protective equipment (PPE) that they wear is hugely important to their health and safety.

Before a team of window cleaners starts a commercial window cleaning project, their PPE has to be thoroughly checked to ensure that it reaches required safety standards (e.g. that clips and harnesses are in good condition, and that fall arrest equipment is properly attached).

In line with the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 and the Work at Height Regulations 2005, window cleaners should always wear the following items of PPE.

Hard Hats

Anyone on-site while a clean is taking place should wear a hard hat for protection in the unlikely event that an object falls from a height. Commercial window cleaners must always be equipped with hard hats to complement their fall arrest equipment.


Although many commercial window cleaners use pure water to clean properties’ windows – this is essentially chemical-free water that has had all its impurities removed – it is still vital for window cleaners to protect their eyes while they work. If they are working at a building site, for example, then there will likely be a lot of dust around that could irritate their eyes.

Fall Arrest Equipment

Perhaps the most essential bit of PPE for a commercial window cleaner is their fall arrest equipment (to put it simply, a safety harness).

Although abseil, cradle and cherry picker systems are checked thoroughly before use, fall arrest equipment is important to ensure that, should a window cleaner lose their balance or some other incidents occur, they are safely secured to the rope, cradle or cherry picker (and sometimes even anchor points along the way). If an emergency were to take place, the window cleaner is protected from falling.

Hi-Vis Jacket

As with all types of construction or maintenance work, a hi-vis jacket is a key PPE item, as it ensures that all workers are immediately visible.

Commercial window cleaning can involve heavy machinery and moving vehicles, such as cherry pickers, therefore it's crucial that the team can be seen at all times, even in dreary weather or as it starts to get dark in the evening.

So, there you have it: just some of the PPE that commercial window cleaners must wear.

Here at Aquamark Cleaning, our team’s health and safety is a huge priority, which is why we are strict about PPE and are even qualified to carry out PPE inspections in-house. If you have a property that needs its windows cleaning in London, Surrey, Berkshire or across the UK, simply contact us today.

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