Make sure your solar panels are clean for the sunny weather

By Brad Staines

Even though spring has been incredibly slow to arrive this year, we think that we must be due a couple of weeks of sunny weather soon (although perhaps this is wishful thinking). If you have solar panels on your commercial property’s roof, then hopefully it will soon be their time to shine! In order to ensure they can perform as well as possible this summer, and capture plenty of energy from the sun, now’s a good time to get them professionally cleaned. So, come on, don’t let the April showers fool you – the sunshine is on its way…

Professional cleaning for your solar panels

The safest and most efficient way to clean your solar panels is to use a water-fed pole system. This involves pumping pressurised pure water through an extendable pole and using a special brush on the end to gently scrub the panels. As the system uses pure water (which is filtered to rid it of impurities), there is no need for chemicals, which means that there’s no risk of damaging the panels. The water-fed pole technique also means that we can clean large solar panels easily – the pole is extendable and reaches up to seven storeys!

Sticking with the green theme

As your property has solar panels, you obviously care about the environment. So, when you choose a commercial cleaning company, this is something you should look out for. Check that your chosen contractor has environmental policies in place and that they use eco-friendly alternatives to harsh chemicals. If they are eco-minded, then they will be more than happy to share this information with you! An accreditation that you can check for is ISO 14001, which essentially means that the company aims to reduce its environmental impact through a clear and extensive environmental management system.

A case in point

When Thames Water needed its solar panels cleaning at its sites in Walton-on-Thames and Crossness, it turned to Aquamark Cleaning to deliver an environmentally friendly cleaning service. We used water-fed pole and pure water systems to thoroughly clean the large solar panels, ensuring they could perform to their maximum potential. We were delighted to deliver a professional and eco-friendly service for such a high-profile company in London.

Here at Aquamark Cleaning, we provide efficient solar panel cleaning for commercial properties in London, Surrey and Berkshire. If you need to prepare your building for the summer, contact us today. We’re happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation.

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