How to make the most of the sun with solar panels

By Brad Staines

Investing in solar panels for your building is a smart move today. Not only does this create the potential for making savings on energy costs but it’s also a statement of intent when it comes to making a commitment to a greener future. This can be a proactive way to attract clients and customers to your business and a study also found that greener companies have more productive employees. So, solar panels are a positive investment – but how do you ensure that you make the most of the sun in the summer months?

The necessity of solar panel cleaning

Like any piece of equipment, solar panels function at their best when they are clean and well maintained. This becomes especially important during the summer when there is the potential for maximum sun exposure – if your solar panels are not in great condition at this time then it might be difficult to optimise their performance. Regular solar panel cleaning ensures that the investment you’ve made in an energy efficient building can perform to its true potential and deliver benefits to your business, including helping to minimise energy costs.

Carrying out solar panel cleaning

At Aquamark we have a lot of experience with solar panels and we understand how to ensure that they are comprehensively cleaned, no matter where they are located. Among others, we have handled solar panel cleaning for Thames Water’s site in Walton on Thames and Crossness. We use a system of water fed poles, which are incredibly efficient but also gentle enough to ensure that the solar panels are not damaged during the cleaning process. Water-fed poles use pressurised water, which is pumped up through the poles and emerges as a powerful jet. The use of this type of cleaning method ensures a full clean without the need for any harmful chemicals to be employed during the process.

The benefits of solar panel cleaning in the summer

Working with Aquamark this summer to ensure that your solar panels are comprehensively clean will ensure that you get the full benefit of your eco friendly investment.

  • Clean solar panels function better and can maximise the conversion of sun into energy on sunnier summer days
  • Ensuring your solar panels are clean also contributes to a positive building aesthetic and demonstrates a commitment to the maintenance of your investment
  • Working with a professional cleaning company like Aquamark provides the peace of mind of knowing that all the necessary health and safety precautions have been taken when it comes to solar panel cleaning
  • Thanks to our experience and specialist expertise, exceptionally high standards of cleaning are guaranteed when you use Aquamark for solar panel cleaning
  • Opting for Aquamark also means that you’ll benefit from our next level service and dedicated customer care to ensure that your experience is always a positive one

If you have already taken the step to install solar panels on your building it’s essential to ensure that they are clean and properly maintained.

To find out more, visit our solar panel cleaning page or give us a call on 020 8401 2375 today.

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