Commercial Window Cleaning: How To Clean Large Apartment Complexes

By Brad Staines

When large blocks of flats and modern apartment complexes are built, they often look shiny and new. However, they soon succumb to the elements and pick up airborne particles and pollution which can make the windows, façade and outside areas look anything but pristine.

Luckily, there are commercial window cleaning solutions available which make it easier than ever to ensure your building maintains the condition in which it was built.

Maintaining The Look With Clean Exteriors

Many landlords or developers need apartment complexes to look good to help them find tenants or buyers for the homes, as well as boosting their reputation for a high-quality build even after all the apartments have been let or sold.

Equally, those living in the properties want to feel pride in where they live, increase their home’s value and impress anyone visiting them. Specialist commercial window cleaners offer solutions for this type of building, often experienced in cleaning high-rise offices.

They provide a range of options, including using water-fed poles from the ground which reach heights of up to 70 feet and other safe cleaning methods for working at height. This includes cherry pickers and cradle cleaning.

Commercial Window Cleaning Site Assessment

Complex Architecture And Commercial Window Cleaning

Many modern apartment buildings aren’t the standard shape and size you’re used to seeing with older properties. Picture anything from domed roofs to GRC (glass-reinforced concrete) on the exterior. In this type of complex, combined cleaning techniques are often required with abseil window cleaning being a great way to reach those awkward spots.

Operatives can even clean buildings as they are being built as Aquamark Cleaning does at the Royal Wharf complex in the Isle of Dogs. This will form the site of London’s largest residential apartment complex once finished. Our team uses a combined approach of abseiling, water fed pole cleaning and cherry pickers to reach every area of the site which needs cleaning.

Cleaning Windows And Exteriors On Older Buildings

You often hear people describing older buildings as eyesores, but did you know there are some special techniques used to clean older, delicate buildings. One of these solutions is Torik cleaning which uses super-heated steam to perform a deep, yet gentle clean across all types of stonework and masonry, including sandstone which can be vulnerable to weathering and staining.

So, if your apartment complex is starting to look a little unsightly, there are cleaning solutions to help restore its façade, and the process may even begin to uncover the original colour of the building. Torik cleaning can also remove a variety of grime, dirt and other stains, including grease, algae and graffiti.

Speak To A Commercial Window Cleaning Specialist

Do you need a large apartment complex cleaned? Here at Aquamark Cleaning, we offer a variety of services, conducted by trained cleaning operatives who provide safe, effective solutions.

If you would like to speak to our team about your requirements and receive a free quotation on any of our services, contact us now.


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