How do we ensure safety when cleaning windows?

By Brad Staines

Health and safety is a crucial component in any business that involves human operators in a physical job. At Aquamark we prioritise the safety of our people, not just to ensure that they are able to work without threat or risk but also for the sake of our clients. Robust health and safety procedures not only help us to ensure legal compliance but also avoid accidents or incidents on client sites. From reputational damage through to potential claims, we understand the risks that exist and have taken steps to mitigate them.


Health and safety is a necessity in window cleaning

There are many reasons why health and safety should always be the foundation of a window cleaning business. From the heights that can be involved, to the risks that can arise from dropped items or incorrect use of equipment, window cleaning is a process that requires careful management in health and safety terms. Those businesses that don’t have the necessary health and safety provision in place can do damage to their own workforce and reputation, as well as that of cleaning clients.


The steps we take

A focus on health and safety is ingrained in our company culture. There are a number of key ways in which we ensure that health and safety standards and policies – both our own and those of our clients – are met and adhered to. These include:



We train our staff extensively in health and safety to ensure that they appreciate the risks and are working in a way that minimises them. Our workforce is also provided with in-depth training on the equipment that they are working with to avoid any potential health and safety issues that might arise from improper use.



Every client is different in terms of the potential health and safety risks that arise from an individual site. So, working with clients to identify those risks is an important part of our process. We will also ensure that any health and safety policies relating to the site are read and adhered to.



We provide extensive supervision for our staff, not just with respect to health and safety standards but also professional quality too. We understand that the welfare of everyone on site is involved, from those coming and going from the building, to our workforce and your customers and clients. That’s why supervision is such an essential part of ensuring health and safety standards are met.


Equipment maintenance and inspection

Ensuring that the equipment we use is safe and properly maintained to certify functionality is essential to keeping health and safety standards high.


Revaluation and review

Our health and safety processes and policy are subject to regular review to ensure that they are in line with the most up to date recommendations.

Alongside exceptional service and results, sound health and safety is a priority at Aquamark. It’s just one of the ways in which we proactively take steps to ensure clients needs are met. Get in touch with Aquamark today for all your commercial window cleaning requirements.

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