Commercial Window Cleaning: How Do Abseil Window Cleaners Do It?

By Brad Staines

Abseil window cleaners seem to commit death-defying stunts on a daily basis. Sailing high in the air like a trapeze artist, they manage to climb and descend safely, carrying out a job we all prefer to do with our feet on the ground. Not only are they hanging precariously - many floors above our heads – they also have to ensure each window is cleaned to perfection.

For abseilers, nerves of steel certainly come in handy.


Don't look down. An Aquamark window cleaning abseil specialist at work in London Don't look down. An Aquamark commercial window cleaning abseil specialist at work in London


How Abseil Commercial Window Cleaners Operate

At Aquamark, we only employ the most fearless and brave professionals. Abseil window cleaners really do prove that the sky is the limit when it comes to making glass sparkle.

Using a combination of high strength rope, pulleys and braking equipment, the abseil team lower themselves over the edge of the building in their harness. Once in a position of safety, they start to descend – slowly – using their brake and pulley equipment.

The use of a suction cup placed on the glass means they can move back and forth across the pane in a controlled way, removing and re-positioning the cup as they work.

The team move at the same pace down a building so they can clean the windows evenly. This also means they know every area has been washed.

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Benefits Of An Abseil Commercial Window Cleaner

Cleaning windows using an abseil team means that even buildings with difficult roof access are no longer an issue. Domed buildings can be cleaned using abseilers, as well as those where it’s impossible to attach a cradle pulley.

Some buildings don’t have accessible ground for cherry pickers, as it’s too uneven or difficult to get to. Have no fear: the abseil window cleaner can head to the top floor and work downward. They are also a great alternative to water-fed poles where they aren’t long enough to reach.

Some buildings have designs that look great but pose access problems. Windows may be in tight corners or at awkward angles. The abseiler can tackle them all.

In terms of practical benefits, cleaning windows using abseil teams also saves money. Using a cradle is expensive - there’s the upfront cost of buying and maintaining the equipment. Abseil cleaning means there’s no need to purchase a cradle, or have it serviced.

There’s also minimal interference to the day to day life of those around; staff in offices can carry on with their jobs without having to move out, there’s no need to install safety equipment at ground level to safeguard the hazard of using a cherry picker.

With abseil window cleaners being able to get right into the nooks and crannies of literally any space, they can wash every corner of every window, which means you get a really impressive result.

Selecting A Commercial Window Cleaning Company

If your remit covers organising commercial window cleaning for your company, talk to Aquamark today to get a quote for abseil window cleaning. We’re a family-owned business that has been operating for 20 years, and we know the solution to every commercial window cleaning problem – however awkward it is.

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