How Can Clean Windows Help Keep Tenants Happy?

By Brad Staines

If there is one thing that everyone who occupies the same building can agree on it’s that clean windows make a big difference. You might have a range of different tenants, from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, but clean windows can help to keep all of them happy. If you’re considering a window cleaning service for your building there are a number of reasons why this can contribute to a better experience for your tenants and your business too.


That All Important First Impression

Dirty, streaked, cloudy windows do not make a good impression on anyone. Whether you’re trying to impress investors or attract new tenants, the exterior of the building will be the first thing that anyone sees and if the windows don’t look great it can be incredibly off-putting.

Anyone approaching the building may assume that because the exterior is not well looked after, the interior won’t be either. And for some tenants it may be important to ensure that anyone visiting them won’t be put off by a lack of care with the windows too. So, if you want to ensure that your building has that all important kerb appeal it’s going to be key to factor regular window cleaning in to a maintenance schedule.


The Impact On Health And Happiness

Dirty windows block out the sun and can create a gloomy environment that contributes to conditions such as depression and anxiety. All humans need to have exposure to Vitamin D every day and yet many of us spend a lot of time indoors.

Clean windows that let the light in can help to ensure that your tenants are getting as much exposure to the sun’s rays as possible and this can help to avoid issues such as Seasonal Affective Disorder. Healthier, happier tenants will stay longer and can act as brand ambassadors for your business when it comes to attracting others. Clean windows create a positive environment in which people feel that they can thrive.


Making Tenants Feel Like They Matter

Building neglect is one of the clearest signs that little care and attention has been paid to whether tenants are happy. Window cleaning that has not been carefully done, which is only half completed or that happens only very rarely is a very obvious example of building neglect.

If windows are dirty or have not been properly cleaned in a while this shows both from the inside and the outside of the building. Tenants may also become frustrated in terms of questioning where their service charge has been spent if windows are constantly dirty. This can create friction and a lot of unwanted discussion and conflict between those who own and manage the building and those occupying it.

Committing to making sure that a building has clean windows can help to ensure that you have happier healthier tenants. Working with a professional window cleaning service that will guarantee high quality results and clean to a regular schedule is an essential part of the process.

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