Don’t Take Chances with Health and Safety in High Rise Cleaning

By Brad Staines

Don’t Take Chances with Health and Safety in High Rise Cleaning

Cleaning windows, particularly when cleaning high rise windows, is a dangerous job. Sadly accidents are common in this industry which highlights the need to only hire competent window cleaning contractors with the correct training and commitment to health and safety. Health and safety guidelines and procedures are there for good reason; to protect people. Up to date training, a complete understanding of all equipment and an awareness of the hazards involved are crucial for a qualified and competent high rise window cleaner to complete the job safely.
Mitigate your liability for accidents by only using qualified window cleaners. Otherwise your employees or visitors could be at real risk.
Health and Safety Where it Counts the Most
Everyone has a part to play when it comes to health and safety. Cleaning windows at height is risky and should only ever be attempted by workers who’ve received up to date training and understand all the safety implications involved with the job. Here at Aquamark we’ve covered all the bases so that when you employ us to clean your high rise windows you do so in trust knowing that the utmost safety of our window cleaners, your employees and your visitors is never compromised.

What to Look for When Choosing a High Rise Cleaner
Choosing a window cleaning company with the correct qualifications and training is crucial. It’s easy too. Choose a contractor who displays their accreditation and memberships to associations. These accreditations are not just empty badges, they show that a company has passed rigorous vetting procedures and continual checking to ensure that they offer consistently safe and high standard services.
Aquamark is Safe Contractor Approved and a registered member of Ladders Free and the British Institute of Cleaning Science. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a good indicator too of a company’s commitment to quality training and service. The organization monitors and vets companies in all aspects of quality. Aquamark is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered firm.

If In Doubt, Ask!
If you’re not sure of your current window cleaner’s health and safety policies, ask! A respectable firm will show you their up to date policies without any issue. They will also be able to discuss what this means in terms of the service they provide and how their staff work to the guidelines on each and every job. Ask about professional membership to leading industry bodies and associations too. Firms such as Aquamark work hard to achieve and maintain these accreditations so are happy to show off their memberships at any given opportunity!
The safety of your employees and visitors is not worth the gamble so make sure that your window cleaning operators are fully trained and up to date with all the Health and Safety guidelines that are in place to keep us all safe. For professional, risk-free commercial window cleaning, contact Aquamark.

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