Gutter Cleaning: Significantly Lowering Overall Maintenance Costs

By Brad Staines

At Aquamark, after 20 years in the commercial cleaning industry, we’ve seen it all when it comes to the impact of clogged gutters on overall maintenance costs for both residential and commercial properties. For commercial properties in particular, many make the mistake of opting for the ‘let’s just slap a coat of paint on it’ approach to keep their place of business looking sharp at a glance, but this can incur major costs in both the long- and short-term.

Gutter Cleaning Is Essential In Damp Climates

The effects of failing to clean your gutter are most evident in places where it rains or snows frequently, and where the atmosphere is damp, as water, mould and other organic matter can build up rapidly; for businesses based in the UK, it therefore goes without saying that gutter cleaning should be a priority for lowering general maintenance costs.

So how exactly does gutter cleaning save you money and cut maintenance costs?

No Need For Gutter Repairs And Replacements

When gutters aren’t cleared, debris builds up quickly. To start with, this debris usually consists of dry leaves, which become dense, compact, and heavy after rain or snowfall. This creates a prime environment for mould to flourish, which then exacerbates the build-up. Squirrels and other small animals, insects and birds also often use unclean gutters to build their nests and homes. You’ve then got a gutter filled with compact leaves, nests, animals and their droppings, and of course, the water that has not been drained through the blocked downpipes. This accumulated debris frequently becomes too much for gutters to bear, either damaging them or causing them to break off. Not only does this incur the cost of replacing your guttering, but it can also damage your roof, leading to even more expense.

In addition, the trapped water in clogged gutters causes them to rust, weakening their integrity; during the colder months, when this un-drained water freezes, it adds even greater strain, further damaging the integrity of the guttering and increasing the risk of it breaking off entirely.

No Undue Damage To Paint Or Landscape

When there is heavy or frequent precipitation, there is nowhere for the excess water to go in a clogged gutter but over the sides. This leaves streaks of dirty water on the walls of the building, which stain and damage the paintwork, eventually requiring the building to be repainted. In the same way, the overspill of water can damage the landscaping around a building, leaving soil and plants waterlogged. It therefore becomes necessary to put out more money to restore and upkeep the appearance of your property. This aside, rusted gutters alone are an immediate giveaway of a poorly maintained building, no matter how well painted or landscaped.

Effective Gutter Cleaning

The only way to maximise the long-term financial benefits of clearing your gutters is to do it properly, by engaging the professionals. At Aquamark we use the latest industry technology to offer a gutter cleaning service that’s a cut above the rest: our 60ft OmniPole GutterVac system can thoroughly clear even the most heavily compacted gutters and downpipes on tall buildings, without the need for costly cranes or cradles. The system also includes a camera, so you can see exactly what’s been removed from your gutters, and get a clear picture of the difference our service has made.

For more information on Aquamark’s commercial gutter cleaning services, or any of other our commercial cleaning services, contact us online or call on 020 8401 2375 for your free quote.

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