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Does Window Cleaning Disrupt Business Activities?

By Brad Staines

Many businesses want to have their windows or even the entire façade of their building cleaned, feeling it’s time to create a more professional looking environment both on the inside of their offices and out. However, some delay the task of finding a professional to carry out the work, fearing that will cause disruptions to their normal business activities – something which they just can’t afford to happen. Fortunately, this is actually untrue, with commercial cleaners ensuring they cause minimum disturbances to the day to day running of your business. Here’s how they do it.

Window cleaning expert guides - the truth about business disruptionsHow Do Commercial Window Cleaners Create Minimal Disruptions?

Specialists who offer a range of cleaning services for windows and buildings have the training, equipment and knowledge to not only find the most suitable solution for your business but have the expertise to carry out the work without causing noise or taking up your time. This includes the use of water-fed poles which use a pure water system for a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution. This method causes minimal disruptions as it doesn’t require the use of ladders or high access equipment.

Is It Easy to Clean a High-Rise Building?

For those in high-rise buildings whose heights can’t be reached by water-fed pole systems, there are plenty of other options available, including cherry pickers, abseiling and cradle access in buildings which can have pulleys attached. All are quiet and efficient with cleaners who specialise in commercial buildings having all the safety equipment they need to undertake the work. All you’ll need to do is let them assess the building to check which method is the most suitable as cherry pickers can only be used if there is stable level ground access, for example.

How Much Input Does It Involve from You?

Like any job, it may seem complicated to those on the outside, but for operatives who have received extensive training for commercial property cleaning, it’s simple to complete the work independently once they’ve established your needs and gained the right access. While supervision is not required, reputable companies will demand the highest standards from their cleaners, communicating with you throughout each project to update you on progress and check whether you’re satisfied with the results. This limits the need for further work while giving you a positive experience from start to finish.

What about Internal Cleaning Services?

If looking for office cleaning services, this is something that can be incorporated into any other commercial cleaning solutions you require. After all, sparkling windows from the outside won’t mean anything if they’re filthy on the inside. Choose out of hours services so that day to day activities will run as usual. Many companies also ensure your site is visited on a regular basis by an operations manager to ensure standards are high, eliminating the need for you to chase cleaners or report substandard work.

If you would like to discuss commercial cleaning needs, get in touch with the Aquamark Cleaning team. We offer hassle-free solutions which cause minimal disruptions for your business, having years of experience in the field and offering a wide variety of services. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


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