Do I need to clean my windows if it's raining?

By Brad Staines

If you’ve ever watched window cleaning taking place then you’ll have seen that there is more involved than simply sluicing the glass with water. Effectively, when it rains, this is all that is happening – Mother Nature is tipping gallons of water down the outside of your windows. Although this can sometimes help to prolong the effects of a proper window clean, it’s no substitute for one. So, even in the middle of a rainy winter it’s still important to ensure that you’ve got plans for window cleaning in place.


Rainwater can be contaminated

Although the days of smog and serious airborne toxins are long gone many locations still have issues with acid rain and, most of the time, rainwater is not pure. As a result, if you’re relying on the rain to keep your windows clean you might be disappointed. You may even find that windows look cloudier and less clean after rainfall than before. If your windows are already dirty then raindrops can carve streaks through the coating of dirt on the glass and the overall effect is less than appealing.


Rain is often accompanied by storms

Wind won’t usually do your glass any damage but it can be responsible for coating it with particles and dust that can make windows look very dirty. So, even as the rain might be washing away any existing dirt, the wind could be applying yet another coating. The end result is often that you end up with the same issue you had before it started raining – dirty windows that still need a good clean.


Mother Nature is not a professional

A professional window clean can involve a number of different processes and will leave the glass in your building looking clear, shiny and streak free. If you’re relying on Mother Nature to do this for you then you’re just not going to get the same results. For example, rain will rarely clean glass right up to the edges and there may be windows that are only partially exposed to the weather and so which remain half dirty once the rain has passed. Working with a professional window cleaning team will give you an exceptional finish and the peace of mind of knowing that every glass surface has been dealt with.


Can window cleaners work in the rain?

Yes. Depending on the type of equipment being used it may not be appropriate to work in extreme weather (for example using ropes and harnesses for abseil window cleaning in gale force winds). However, when it comes to rain showers most window cleaning teams have the right kit and equipment to carry on and do a great job. The benefits of clean windows, from better aesthetics to more natural light, matter just as much in the winter months so it’s important to ensure you have this element of maintenance covered.

If it’s raining then ensuring that windows are properly cleaned will still be essential. If you don’t have the resources to do this yourself a professional team can easily handle it for you, no matter what the weather.

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