How Do Commercial Window Cleaners Wash Juliet Balconies?

By Aquamark

Aquamark can clean all types of balconies on high-rise buildings as well as commercial window cleaning.

In the famous balcony scene in Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, Romeo stands beneath Juliet’s bedroom as she muses to herself – not knowing he is there – about her love for him. This is where the term ‘Juliet balcony’ has come from.

Basically, a Juliet balcony (also called a ‘balconette’ or ‘French balcony’) is a sheet of glass, a railing or a more elaborate structure that is placed outside a window to give the appearance of a balcony, without one actually being there. As well as looking attractive, it serves as a security feature so that homeowners can open the windows or French doors safely, even if the room is not on the ground floor.

For window cleaners, glass Juliet balconies present a slight challenge, as, ideally, both sides will be cleaned simultaneously, to save time and make the cleaning process more efficient.

Cleaning Glass Balconies With A Double-Sided Brush

Using a double-sided brush is a perfect solution for cleaning Juliet balconies effectively, as it means that window cleaners can reach both sides of the glass at the same time.

Rather than having to clean the outside of the glass first, and then go inside the property to wash the inner surface of the glass, the brush attaches to both sides of the window at the same time, so that window cleaners can clean the entire window from outside the property.


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Cleaning Juliet Balconies With Cherry Pickers

Juliet balconies are a popular feature on residential developments in London – perhaps due to the need to ensure safety in apartment blocks, some of which are more than 30 storeys high! To enable window cleaners to reach these multiple storeys of Juliet balconies, a high-tech solution is needed, which is where cherry pickers are ideal.

As long as there is a level surface on which the vehicle can operate, then teams can go up in the cradle and navigate the building effectively. For buildings that have limited-access areas or that are particularly unusually shaped, equipment like cradle systems and abseils can also be implemented – as long as the property has suitable anchor points from which the solutions can be suspended.

Regular Commercial Window Cleaning

Glass Juliet balconies require regular cleaning, just like your windows, to keep them looking clear and sparkling. After all, they will build up fingerprint marks and pollution grime, just like the rest of your property’s windows! A commercial window cleaner can do this for you with no trouble – making them look beautifully shiny and glistening at all times.

Here at Aquamark Cleaning, our expertise and specialist equipment mean that no challenge is too big – we will always find the right solution for the job. Check out our recent case study on Lanterns Court, which featured lots of Juliet balconies, or contact us today to find out more about commercial window cleaning.


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