What To Do If Your Property’s Façade Is Marked

By Brad Staines

It is natural to want your commercial building to look as neat and attractive as possible. After all, it may be the face of your business – where clients and stakeholders come to experience your company’s offering and meet your team. So, if you have noticed that the building’s façade has a big mark on it, or is starting to look a little grubby, then you may be wondering how you can go about rectifying this. Well, some window cleaning companies (like Aquamark Cleaning) offer façade inspection and cleaning services to help ensure that your commercial property looks as smart, dazzling and impressive as possible at all times.

Unsightly stains or marks

There are a number of reasons that your property’s façade could be marked. If you have recently had some scaffolding taken down, for example, you may find that the metal has left stains on the façade – particularly if it has been up for a while and the metal has started to rust. It could just be that a substance has been spilled on your building and you are unable to get it off. Whatever the problem is, your cleaning company should be able to assess the issue and identify the most suitable method for removing the stains. This might require a standard stain-removal technique like power washing or a more bespoke approach like getting in touch with the company that supplied the materials for your building and asking for their advice on the best methods or chemicals to use for removing the stains effectively.

Building looking tired?

It is normal for your building to start looking a bit tired after a few years. All it needs to liven it up is a bit of cleaning! Plant debris like moss and algae might have started to grow on the façade, and this can cause it to look discoloured and a bit grubby. Commercial cleaners can brighten it up again with professional power washing, which safely blasts away moss and algae to return the building to its original colour and make it look neat and attractive again. The same method can also be used for any paving and steps that surround your property.

Here at Aquamark Cleaning, we’re experts in finding the ideal cleaning solutions for your building – whether it’s got unsightly marks on its façade or is starting to grow moss on its walls. If you have a commercial property that needs cleaning in Croydon, Reading or Clerkenwell, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quotation. We will get it gleaming in no time!

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